Lower Kennebec Dams

Atlantic salmon cannot be restored to the Kennebec River Watershed without the re-establishment of free-swim access to the amazing spawning habitat of the Sandy River. Access is currently blocked by the lowest four hydro dams on the Kennebec: Lockwood, Hydro Kennebec, Shawmut and Weston. 

Maine TU Council is working with Kennebec Valley TU, the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Maine Rivers, the Conservation Law Foundation and the Natural Resources Council of Maine to restore access by advocating for removal of the four dams. A numbers of proceedings under the Endangered Species Act are in progress

The below links connect to the latest information on ongoing efforts. Without a restored Kennebec River Watershed, Atlantic salmon in Maine waters are doomed to remain a remnant population that can only be maintained by stocking. 

Photos capture dramatic salmon rescue in Maine