Specific Project Information

Active FERC licenses in Maine (click to download spreadsheet file)

FERC Exempt Projects in Maine - small projects not subject to 30 - 50 year relicensing (click to download spreadsheet file)

Current FERC Project Status (Click to view)

Featured Presentation - Restoring the Androscoggin (Click to view)

Featured TU FERC Filing - Sebago TU Comments on Hiram Project Draft Water Quality Certification (Click to view)

If any of the relicensings listed in the Current FERC Project Status Document are of particular interest to you and you wish to become more than an observer to the process, please contact Steve Heinz  - heinz@maine.rr.com or click to find out how to interact directly with FERC. 

Special note: The Ripogenus Project is currently undergoing relicensing. There is no TU chapter in that vicinity. Please contact Steve if you wish to get involved in improving the West Branch. Click to see a recent filing that Maine TU Council was signatory to.